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Individual Accounting Services:

Why should you choose us to handle your tax return preparation needs?

We have been there! With over 30,000 income tax returns filed, we have seen it all! It is important to remember that the benefits of having a professional handle your taxes will, most likely, end up saving you much more than the fees you were charged. Our service could end up saving you not only a lot of money but a vast amount of time and frustration as well. Think of our fee as a low cost insurance policy for your financial life. It’s priceless and much less stressful! For more information please click here.

We handle IRS Letters:

Have you received a letter from the IRS? You either don’t understand what they want or have no idea how to properly answer them? We’d love to help! We are able to help over 80 percent of our clients who bring in letters reduce their tax bill or eliminate it all together. There are many options we have for our clients to assist them in relieving there tax issues. Please click here to learn about some of the areas we can assist you with.


Do You Think You May Have Made a Mistake when Filing Online?

We fix online tax filing mistakes. We can go back up to three years and correct mistakes made by you or another tax preparer. Take advantage of this service! Call or contact us for a free consultation and second look of your returns for up to three years. For more information click here.


Tax ID Theft preparation assistance

identy theft

Are you a victim of the new epidemic? Did you know that Tax Return Identity theft is becoming a HUGE problem? Are you protecting your information so that this does not happen to you? Thieves have found ways to use YOUR social security numbers to file fraudulent tax returns claiming refunds against your social security number. If you have been told you are a victim, we can help you prepare your individual tax return correctly and stop the thieves dead in their tracks. You DO NOT have to be a victim.

Tax Return Services:

refund theft
Don’t let the IRS take your refund

We offer a year round tax preparation service for all individuals in Central Florida with returns starting at $40 and going up from there. With our extensive knowledge of the tax laws let us assist you in reducing any and all tax debts. Or allow us to maximize your tax return refund that you work so hard every year for. And remember we prepare all individual tax returns for ever State in the US plus the federal . Fax us your information, mail in your information or email us your information from any where in the US and we will assist you. For more information please click here.


Tax Planning:

Tax planning

Many times, our everyday lives take a turn that requires us to take another look at our tax situation. If you have experienced a change in your life like a new baby, new home, new marriage, change in career, etc. you should re-evaluate your tax liabilities. Click on the Tax Planning tab to see a complete list of tax planning services. Last Pay Stubs – Did you file from your last paystub? Did you know it is against the IRS rules to do so? Why? Because more than 50% of returns filed from last paystubs are wrong. More often than not money is left on the table! We can help you fix “last paystub” tax filing and we will give you a free estimate to see if it is worth changing the return.

What to Bring with You


Have Everything Ready and Save Time You need to be sure that you have all of the paperwork to help us understand all of the ways we can save you money on your taxes. Many times customers show up with minimal information and after a few questions realize that they could be deducting a lot more. Save yourself a trip and review the information on the following page to be sure you have a complete package when you arrive.

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Watch what your children are doing with their tax information when they file.

Did you know that, every year, children unintentionally cheat their parents out of hundred, and possibly thousands, of dollars in tax credits and refunds by filing their own returns? When a child files, on their return they must check the box that allows someone to claim them in order for you to get the credit. Otherwise, they -or you – may be liable for additional taxes if ever audited.


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